Opening Early for Lunch

In honor of Lotus World Music Festival right in our “front yard,” we are opening early for lunch tomorrow (Friday, September 19th) at 11am. Otherwise, normal hours apply. Cheers!

Special Holiday Hours

We are opening at a special time for lunch tomorrow – Friday, July 4th at 11am.
Come join us for lunch after the parade!

Please note: we may close earlier than our normal midnight time frame.

Happy 4th! Cheers!

Graduation and Mother’s Day

We’ve still got some open spots for graduation reservations, and plenty for Mother’s Day. If you’d like a guaranteed table, give us a call: 812-676-1000


Problems solved

After several headaches, the doors are unlocked and we’re pouring beer. Cheers!

Closed tonight: 21 February

Due to not having running water, we have made the hard decision not to open tonight. We hope to be pouring beer in glasses again really soon. Fingers crossed that this issue is fixed soon.

We have no running water

We won’t be opening at 3PM today. We don’t have running water right now, but are scrambling to get it fixed. We’ll keep the website and other social media updated with the situation.

No growler fills, yet.

While we do plan on offering growler fills at some point in the future (we’ve got 2 pallets of empties waiting for that day), we are not offering them at this time. We have a really small system, and want to make sure we have beer on hand for the pub. So, until we get a handle on production vs. sales, we can’t fill them. Sorry about that. For now, you have to enjoy it fresh at the source. Cheers!

Closed for lunch today

Sorry for the late notice (we got it up on Facebook and Twitter last night), but we’ll be closed for lunch today. Due to an overwhelming turnout last night, we ran out of a lot of food. We are scrambling to make more, and will be open at 3. Cheers!

Hiring, Round 2

We are currently looking for a dishwasher, host/hostess, and possibly
additional kitchen help.

Please fill out the following application and bring it in during the following times:

Friday, January 31st from 9-noon
Saturday, February 1st from 9-noon.


Hiring is Closed, for Now

After a strong response, we’ve stopped taking applications at this time.

After we open, if we are still looking for additional people, we will put the word back out.