About Us

The production of beer is a timeless art. Throughout history, recipes and processes were handed down from generation to generation as a way of ensuring that the lessons learned previously could benefit those to come. We know how beer is produced and the ingredients that are typically used. But endless variables can be plugged into this known equation. A spice that isn’t usually used in beer? A new hop varietal being grown by an up-and-coming farmer? A classic beer recipe updated with a different combination of grain? Any of these variables can affect the resulting beer in dramatic and unexpected ways.

We believe the best things in life are found in exploring and in taking risks with the way we always do things. We chose the name Function Brewing because a function is a way of arriving at a new outcome when a particular variable is thrown into the mix. Until you choose the variable and run the equation, you often have no way of knowing what the result will ultimately be.

As Function’s owners, our goal at our taproom is to continually have something new on draft, while still keeping a supply of our standard beers. We encourage you to stop in and try Function’s latest output and tell us what you think. We look forward to pouring beer in your glass soon.


-Steve and Arlyn Llewellyn



Steve Llewellyn, Brewer

Steve is a Utah native who originally came to Indiana to attend Purdue University and never left. He has been home-brewing since 2006 and loves the sense of community and camaraderie amongst home and professional brewers alike. He believes that through an openness to share and encourage each other, all brewing improves.


Arlyn Llewellyn, Chef and Front-of-House Manager

Arlyn (maiden name Keith) is a Bloomington native and a BHSN graduate. She has worked as a professional cook and a server/bartender for the last several years to prepare for this venture. She is committed to providing quality, carefully sourced food in a relaxing environment free from the stresses of the outside world.